Plant-Based Foods

Vegetarian food that’s not just for vegetarians.

At Atlantic Natural Foods, we know there are limited resources on our planet, and too many people with not enough to eat. Our mission is to provide great solutions to both these problems. As with most big changes, it starts with small steps. If everyone just ate one meatless meal a week, the amount of water, crops, fuel, land, and greenhouse gas emissions saved would be staggering. Whether it’s one meal a week or every meal you sit down to, we’re committed to offering deliciously versatile and nutritious vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives, complete meal solutions, baking mixes, egg substitutes, and caffeine-free grain beverages that make choosing natural plant-based foods easy, convenient, and satisfying for everyone.


Brand Portfolio


Created in one of the five blue zones in the world, Loma Linda has been offering sustainable plant-based protein ready-to-eat meals since 1890.


Kaffree Roma is a delicious, healthy and satisfying coffee replacement without the caffeine or tannic acid.


"It's not meat, it's neat!" Created by a mom for her kids, neat offers a range of gluten-free products; an egg substitute, nut and bean based meat substitutes, and baking mixes.

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